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Quick Tips For Creating Brand Awareness On Social Media


Social media can be made use for a business in several aspects- content marketing, generating leads, interacting with your consumers, providing an end to end users response, generating traffic on your website and so forth.

But had you ever wonder of if and how we can create brand awareness through the use of social media?

The point of social media is to get to meet and interact with the right people intended to be targeted for your brand’s product or services. Just because you are getting likes or shares on your social media posts don’t mean that you are making the potential use of these platforms.

In fact, it does have the potential to get you recognition to your intended group of individuals to benefit your organization from several aspects. So, how to make use of social media platform to create brand awareness?

  • Gives a human touch to your audience

A website or a landing page cannot help you to interact with people in a way they would expect you to. People expect to interact and discuss their suggestion or problems with a human, and social media is the platform where you can give the human touch to your audience, connecting with an emotional level, and thus getting a print on through their heart.

For example, consider a case of a tweet a few years back where a consumer writes on Twitter, “What kind of a 3 hr flight does come with no Wi-Fi?”. In response to that, the airline company tweeted, “Thank you! We are eliminating all flights with no Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi enabled fleet of planes is on its way.” How assuring and convincing could that be for a general plane traveler? Very much, for certain.

  • Go beyond just your product or service, serve something useful

Coming down to social media content, don’t just serve promotional posts of your brand, or products/services. Rather consider giving something useful, something they can make use of, it can be industry news or any meaningful content.

The truth is that offering a good product/service is always not enough to attract prospects; it is about giving them values or making a visionary relation with them.

Also, people do adore simplicity, authenticity and of course transparency. You can show them some of your inside views or sneak peeks and info of your product/services.

Always have a story with you to serve for. Stories do have the potential to make a great impression. The ratio of your post should be 70-20-10, 70% of the valuable content (i.e brand building), 20% of other posts, industry news and ideas, and only 10% to endorse your products/services.

  • Be conversational, more interaction implies more exposure and hence branding

Don’t show yourself in broadcast mode. Being conversational is like an art, you will need to learn to become talkative to apply, but the results will be rewarding.

Outbound messages are mostly seen unnoticed or lost in the deep crowds of the posts and your content no matter how valuable can even go unnoticed. User engagement can be achieved through several ways; an appealing content which your audience can relate to, timely response to user comments, and so forth.

  • Choose platforms where your targeted audience are

There are multiple social media platforms, being important to be active on multiple platforms doesn’t imply that you have to be active on all of them. The key is to find and make use of those fitting right for your brand. It can be the one where your targeted audiences are active.

In case, you don’t have yet figured out the best platforms for your brand, you can try experimenting with each platform on a timely basis. Monitor the results of the traction and user engagement you are getting through each platform (which can be done using an advanced analytics tool like MK Kalbos), and accordingly, you can target only those rewarding platforms for your brand. The primary idea behind experimenting and monitoring is to find the platforms that align with your brand’s vision and can be targeted for achieving milestones.

For example, consider you are toy manufacturer; LinkedIn can’t be a platform for you to gain anything.

Since we do understand that creating brand awareness using social media is all about choosing right platform, getting user engagement, being conversational, serving useful content and so forth. Let’s see few more but quick tips:

  • Make use of the art of questioning, you will probably get more user comments and interaction
  • Don’t tell the benefit of your product/service, rather try showing them through live user experience, or product’s beta testing videos of demonstrations
  • If you can afford, offer a free demo or trial
  • Creating a contest with a reward will cost you a little, but can be equally rewarding in the long-run
  • A quality content can get more social sharing, and hence more branding
  • Leverage your current influencer to bring a new one
  • In case, organic reach method is not working for you, try going with social campaigns for a while (just to get the user attention)
  • Visual branding should not be ignored
  • Be consistent and post regularly within the niche of your industry or market
  • Always have a dedicated social media customer service team
  • And, finally, you should not be worried at all to burn a little cash on social media platforms (like in campaign, dedicated social media team) for a while
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Posted by Gaurav tuli

Gaurav Tuli is in Product Development with over 12 years of experience in the product development & Analytics domain. Has worked across varied industries/verticals and lead various projects ranging across diverse business metrics – Employee performance improvement, customer/employee retention to name a few.