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Make best use of your social media dashboards


You do understand how important social media is not only to generate leads for your brand, but today businesses rely on social media analytics for growth too. So what is your strategy for supervising and making the most out of such solutions?

How do you truly gather insights from analytics while making the best use of your time?

In this blog, we are going to help you understand how social media dashboards can actually help you track your brand’s performance and extract maximum value from your social media channels.

Managing multiple social media channels and profiles

Trying to manage each social media channel through their native platform?

Well, this won’t be a really good idea when you have thousands of followers on each profile. So, what you really need is an interface or platform through which you can monitor and supervise all your social media profiles.

Whether you are analysing your posts, users generated content, hashtags, entities, customer sentiments or user engagement, social media dashboards will enable you to gather every detail from every one of your social media profiles at just one platform.

Monitoring your campaigns, keywords, hashtags

Being a social media manager for an enterprise, or a start-up founder, you already know the importance of targeted keywords and hashtag tracking. Our dashboard will do all of these things for you while providing insightful data about your campaigns, keywords and hashtags.

For example,

  • Trending keywords: Monitor keywords related specifically to your brand and social media profiles.
  • Hashtags monitoring: Find most used hashtags, analyse the hashtags which lead o a deeper user engagement and accordingly utilise those hashtags in your future campaigns.
  • Monitoring offline campaigns: Sounds confusing? How would you measure the performance of your hashtags an offline campaign-like TV or newspaper? They don’t have native platform and analytics to gather those data and you are going to need dashboards in that case.

Collaborating with team members for maximum productivity

Multiple user access and permission feature of our social media dashboards can help you to collaborate with team members. Often companies have to handle multiple social accounts, and in those cases, it’s important to have a dashboard that allows access to multiple users for monitoring those profiles.

Valuable customer insights

Another important aspect to this is, not every social media channel has analytics tools to provide in-depth analysis of the brand's profiles. The amount of data floating through these profiles is enough to make your head spin and you won’t be able to extract any vital insights from there. But a Social dashboard will organise your data making it easier for you to extract valuable customer insights to spot opportunities, prioritise your strategies and finally boost your productivity.

Last, but not the least, you always want to get the best Return on Investment for your social media campaigns, right? Your social media dashboard will not just ensure bringing a positive return on investment but will also save time by handling repetitive tasks and organising your work.

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Posted by Gaurav tuli

Gaurav Tuli is in Product Development with over 12 years of experience in the product development & Analytics domain. Has worked across varied industries/verticals and lead various projects ranging across diverse business metrics – Employee performance improvement, customer/employee retention to name a few.