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Social media Analytics allows you to measure your social media performance, and not just performance, any smart social media analytics tool must also allow you to implement research based on your content while providing user-generated content analysis, social media dashboards, real-time response capabilities and more.

Considering all the features of any smart social media analytics tools, we at Mattsenkumar present to you “MK Kalbos”, a smart web-based tool aiming at providing all the features of any analytics tool. And not just that, Kalbos will provide users with real-time response analysis, text analysis and content topic analysis.

Before writing much about this tool, let me first provide you a glimpse of the few peerless and magnificent features of this tool:

Social media dashboards

A Social media dashboard is one of the most basic services provided by an analytics tool which displays all your social media campaigns or posts on a single interface. Simply put, companies and social media executives use them to coordinate with multiple media channels through a single interface.

Some key features and benefits of dashboards are:

  • Managing multiple social media profiles
  • Top and deep view of your social media calendars and pre-schedules
  • Monitoring performance of social media campaigns, targeted keywords and Hashtags
  • Provide insights and analysis of your posts on social media channels
  • Help in team coordination and measurement of a team’s performance
  • Display relevant demographics

Analysing what your customers are saying is a very important feature of any media analytics tool:

  • Text Analysis will allow you to analyse the flow of text through your social media channels. For example, analysis of user-generated based content which incorporates what your followers are telling about your products/services in the comments section of your Facebook channel or any media channel. Not just that
  • Content/ Topics Analysis will help you to extract insightful data through your media channels or survey data or user forums to generate the topics for engaging contents. Not just based on the data across media channels, it will show the topics based on the performance metrics like social shares, organic keywords and so forth.
  • Customer sentiment analysis will allow you to review customer’s sentiment regarding the data flowing through your media channels. In fact, it is a part of text analysis with multiple additional features like customer feedback analysis etc.

Being a company and handling a vast of projects, work and data, you would always want to structure and extract the valuable data out of the vast unstructured data and text:

Named Entity recognition: Feature brings in all the important names, places, locations, or product, simply ingest the forums data or surveys data and the tool will extract all the important entities out of it.

Content and keyword extraction: The tool once ingested with the cluster of data uses various statistical techniques to extract important phrases like keywords; meaningful content (for Topic modeling) or even it will allow you to filter your user queries.

As per a recent study, 53% of clients who pose a query to a brand on Twitter or any media channels expect a reaction within an hour of their post, with that rate ascending to 72% if it's any type of complaint about product or service. In this manner, offering quick and generous support to your clients through social networking is fundamental for any retail brand or business. An efficient mechanism will ensure timely response to customer's queries or comments.

Apart from this there is an ocean of features that this tool has to offer, which you can explore while using it. If this all seems too much to sink in or if you are still not sure if this is the right product for you, you can opt to use a trial version of this tool before making a purchase.

Currently, MK Kalbos is supporting:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

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Posted by Gaurav tuli

Gaurav Tuli is in Product Development with over 12 years of experience in the product development & Analytics domain. Has worked across varied industries/verticals and lead various projects ranging across diverse business metrics – Employee performance improvement, customer/employee retention to name a few.