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Facebook Analytics – Use insights to your advantage


As a part of your Social media strategy, it is vital to monitor the metrics and measuring the performance of your posts based on the engagement rate, post reach, page likes, conversion ratios, customer sentiments and so forth. And, Facebook with 1.55 Billion users, you might want to engage with it at first. Dates, posts, popularity, and so much more are at your fingertips to find out how your customers respond to your brand’s services.

The best way to monitor and track your brand’s performance in this regard is to analyse how happy your customers are and how your conversations along with the user generated content affect your web performance and customer experience. A simple solution to monitor: Link your Facebook fan page/company profile with our social media dashboards, and there is no limit to what you can explore and research out from your data.

Monitoring Page likes

Number of Pages like simply implies your brand popularity among the users, but don’t confuse popularity with your business strength, not all of your F fans are your customer or even your targeted audience. This is where our social media dashboard comes, it will help you analyse the strength of your popularity over Facebook.

Demographics- Makeup of your followers and audience

With media dashboard, you will get your Facebook page demographics- Enables you to analyse your Facebook followers which in turn enables you to understand your audience. Also, unlike other social media, with dashboards, you can get metrics about your follower’s information like age, gender, or location which will enable you to plan your content and campaign based on the targeted users of age or location.

Engagement: Understanding the effectiveness of your products and services

  • More engagement: Optimising such post and create similar content
  • Less engagement: Eliminating such content from your next campaign or post

Key social metrics: A social dashboard will provide you with the metrics of the effectiveness of your posts and content on Facebook as in the measure of conversion rates.

Customer sentiment and reactions: Through social media dashboard for Facebook, you can easily analyse reactions of users for your product or service. For ex. Like, anger, sorry, wow, etc.

Unread notifications: Get a list of unread notifications which you’re got on your brand/company page, so that you don’t miss out on any customer reaction or feedback

And, these were just a grasp of what social media Analytics dashboard can do for your brand while you are targeting Facebook as one of the key channels. But, since more than 91% of brands utilise multiple social media, so you might want to stay tuned with us to explore more about what our social media Analytics dashboard can do your other media’s Brand profile like on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

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Posted by Gaurav Rai

Gaurav Rai is a quality enthusiast with over 14 years of experience in the process improvement & process re-engineering domain. Has worked across varied industries/verticals and lead projects ranging across diverse business metrics - cost reduction, top line revenue, customer satisfaction, customer/employee retention to name a few.