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Advanced Analytics – Make fact based decisions


Few of the top social media channels have their own analytics tool on their native platforms like Facebook or Twitter. On the basis of facts and studies, it is quite clear that this analytics won’t be much useful while you are addressing a large audience on multiple platforms.

In this blog, we will tell you why it is really important to invest in a strong social media analytics tool and ensure you are tracking customer experience across all major social media channels and extracting valuable insights from tons of posts and feeds to make effective business decisions. Here, we are going with a rundown of the list of few benefits and features of MK KALBOS and how they can be utilised to benefit your organisation.

Centralised & Advanced Analytics:

Having all of your analytics on one platform could obviously save both your time and money. For, example, you are giving 15 minutes to each social media (say 6) for analysing and 30 minutes to Google analytics for verifying that data, that counts to 2 hours, while with a social media analytics tool that monitors multiple channels and multiple profiles, you will get a better output within an hour. A simple calculation, right?

Analysing your influencers implies improving customer experience:

Analysing your targeted audience is not really an easy job, they may be an individual or Business. According to experts, analysing your influencer is the key to marketing, or in simple words, ‘Follow your followers’, go with them, see what brought them to your company. It may be keywords, hashtags, mentions or maybe word of mouth. This is where Analytics tool comes in. It will gather all the insightful data about your influencers.

Apart from typical features of a social media analytics tool, MK KALBOS has to offer much more:

Customer Sentiment Analysis:

In simple words, sentiment analysis implies data mining to find what users have to say about your products or services. And, it can be utilised to give your company or start-up the valuable insights of what people talks or discusses about your products and services in forums or social media.

  • Enables you to identify social media influencers or potential product advocates
  • Enable you to be prepared for any negative threads emerging online about your business

Text Analytics:

Science of converting cluster of unstructured data into structured data’- general statement of Text Analytics

When it comes to business, no wonder you are dealing with unstructured data in social media and dealing with them could be a real headache unless and until you do not filter them out. Here’s how Text Analytics can be a real benefit for your organisation-

  • Extracting high-quality valuable information from a document or set of data
  • Entity recognition to recover useful places, names
  • Keyword extraction
  • Content/Topic analysis

And, there’s much more to explore and experience, but we can’t put everything in words and we would like you to try with our trial version to experience the tool capabilities yourself.

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Posted by Aparna ziradkar

Aparna Ziradkar is a quality enthusiast with over 11 years of experience in the Client Services and process improvement domain. Has worked across varied industries/verticals and lead projects ranging across diverse business metrics - cost reduction, customer satisfaction, employee retention to name a few.